Dynamic & Divergent

At MSC Retail, we believe that the best solutions are developed through collaboration between a dynamic team of experienced professionals. We harness this network of divergent thinking, expertise, backgrounds, and passion to deliver innovative solutions informed by inspired knowledge and continued curiosity.

Bruce Acinapura
Greg Acinapura Hospitality Specialist
Geoffrey Altman Retail Specialist
Gabe Amzallag Retail Specialist
Cooper Bock
Jason Bock Partner
Riley Bock
Stanton Brown Senior Vice President
John Buzolits Retail Specialist
John (JP) Colussi Vice President, Investment Sales
Jacob Cooper Partner & Managing Director
Matthew Cooper Senior Vice President
Mini Cooper
Greg Dodge MSC Hospitality
Jesse Dubrow Investment Sales Associate
Brittany Goldberg Senior Vice President
Sophie Goldberg
Akiva Goldstein Retail Specialist
Michael Gray Partner & Chief Strategy Officer
Douglas J. Green Principal
Benjamin Kotler Retail Specialist
Biggie Smalls Loughry
Sophia Loughry Project Manager
Ashley Lutek Graphic Design & Marketing Associate
Maria Mainardi Retail Specialist, MSC University
Shanna Naim Director, Retail & Hospitality
Joe Raniszewski Retail Specialist
Schatzi Raniszewski
Jonathan Rome COO & General Counsel
Ripple Rome
Adam Rosenfarb Partner & Managing Director
Chewie Rosenfarb
Michael Salove Founding Principal & CEO
Daniel Speers Retail Associate
Jonathan Steier Managing Director
Stella Steier
Matthew Stein Vice President & Director, MSC University
Olive Stipo
Vincent Stipo Real Estate & Hospitality Consultant
Leah Sweitzer Graphic Design & Marketing Associate
Jerry Weiss
Josh Weiss Retail & Investment Sales Specialist
Scott Weiss Retail Specialist & Professional Engineer
Danny Wolf Senior Vice President